West View Advice & Resource Centre

Create a vibrant, accessible website to represent the range of services available

We used a variety of design tools to create a website for West View Advice & Resource Centre that ticked all of their requirement boxes. 

Establishing a clear brand through colour and design

From our initial client discussions, we felt that accessibility and easy navigation were the two most important factors for their audience. 

We achieved both of these goals by developing the existing brand, utilising icons and colour to achieve a consistent look and feel throughout the website. You can see below some of the key design choices that established a bright, welcoming website for West View Advice & Resource Centre. 

Our Projects

Other work from us

We’ve worked on so many fantastic projects it’s hard to choose a favourite. So here are a few of our more recent projects to give you a flavour of what we could do for you. 

Shop Hartlepool

A long running campaign encouraging shoppers to hit the high street and shop local.

Bespoke Bears

Bringing to life a website for handmade sentimental keepsakes, made from your special clothing or fabric.


A website for a new program with a simple, contemporary feel to appeal to the target audience.

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