Tall Ships Hartlepool 2023

Promoting the UK's largest free, unticked event

Starting from July 2021 until the event in July 2023, we worked with Hartlepool Borough Council and Sail Training International to design, build and support the website for Tall Ships Hartlepool 2023. The website evolved in both design and functionality depending on the requirements of the website at the time.

Transforming the website for a long weekend of fun!

The website needed to appeal to difference audiences across the two year period, meaning the website content including the homepage, needed to be updated and redesigned regularly. 

In the final months before the big weekend, the website become focused on the requirements of the visitors on the weekend.

  • Interactive content and bright, fun imagery.
  • Key information clearly highlighted.
  • Interactive map to highlight the key points on the Tall Ships Race route.

Function meets design

The website design included a variety of elements to display content in the most clear, efficient way possible.

A tabbed system made it easy for users to navigate between the large quantity of event information for each day. We used call to actions at the bottom of the pages to provide further information and features such as carousels to reduce space required for content. 

A balance between function and design ensured that the website met the needs of the event, responded seamlessly on all devices.

Managed by the Tall Ships team

We knew that the website would be updated by a range of people from different organisations. We ensured that we considered this in the design and build of the website.

We provided training to key personnel and supplied a through training document for others to refer to. We provided long-term support to answer any questions and provide assistance where required. 


When the opportunity to sponsor the event came around, we jumped at the chance. We’d seen all of the work behind the scenes already taking place and we wanted to offer our time and skills as part of a sponsorship.

We received the VIP treatment at the event and our team got to enjoy the fun all weekend. You can take a look at what we got up to over the weekend on our blog.

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