5 Small Business Essentials

As a small business, it can be hard to know which brand assets are worth the investment and what can potentially wait a little while.

In our experience it is best to start with a few absolute essentials that fit your budget, and work on a plan to tick off the list over a realistic timescale.

We’ll guide you through the essentials and the nice-to-haves when it comes to small business marketing and branding. We’ve even put them in our recommended priority order to keep things simple. 

Getting started

There are a few marketing tools that you should consider a priority if you are a small business. 


A logo is a fundamental part of being a business. Your logo is who you are, what you stand for and is the basis of any future marketing materials. You’ll use your logo for years to come and it will become part of your history and who your customers know you as.

Your logo establishes two key marketing and branding essentials – your font and colours. Before you start anything whether that be something as simple as a business card, you’ll need to know what your colours and fonts are. Without a logo, how would you do that? Well, the answer is you can’t!

Working with us – When we design a logo, we create variations specifically for use on websites, social media and print. Your primary logo will be adapted to suit these different formats, providing you with multiple secondary logos.

Social Media

Social media provides a wealth of opportunity, allowing you to reach both current and new customers. When you are a busy business, it can be difficult to see the value in spending precious time creating and scheduling content for social media. 

There are a few ways to make social media marketing fit seamlessly into your business.

Start by setting your business up on a selection of two or three platforms. Don't spread yourself too thin, quality over quantity is key here!

Make sure that all your details are filled in. Don't forget your opening hours and address. 

Your logo should be suitable for the profile photo space provided and you should have a branded cover photo that tells a story of who you are.

Think about creating some templates and set aside a couple of hours a week/month dedicated to creating and scheduling content in advance. Any way you can streamline the process will help ensure you are posting quality content consistently.

Working with us – Help with your social media doesn’t have to be expensive. We can work with you to create templates that are suitable for your content types, clearly branded and easy to use. 



We know that a website can feel like a big expense, especially for small businesses. It is important to look at your options to help create a website that fits your needs and your budget. A great website doesn’t need to cost the earth. 

There are a few key things to consider when designing or updating your website. 

  • Your website is your online shop window, it introduces who you are as a business and what you do. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase everything there is to know about your business. The design should reflect your brand and make information easy to navigate.
  • When people want to know information about your business, they will more than likely look for your website. A professional website, reflects a professional business.
  • It is important to keep your website updated regularly so that the information is always current and reflective of the business. 

Working with us – Now is the time for us to create your dream website! We’ll discuss with you the best option for your business, identifying your key requirements and working within your budget. 

We design and build websites of all types and sizes. From a one page website, to a large e-commerce. There really is something for everyone. Let us use our extensive range of skills to shape your project from start to finish. 

Printed Materials

Are your marketing materials of a high, professional quality? Printed materials have a place in most businesses, whether that be posters, leaflets or brochures. They are an extension of your brand and a great way to build on your identity and showcase your business. 

The first step is to identify the right tools to help promote your business. Chances are you only need a select few marketing materials, depending on the type business, making it easier to know where to begin. We find most businesses start with packaging design, business cards, leaflets or roller banners.

Working with us – We are driven by creative thinking, great value and excellent service. With everything under one roof, our branding and design experience will make the process smooth sailing for you. Quality marketing materials aren’t only for big businesses, we are ready to bring your brand to life! 

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